-Ämâpi- [余ぴ] (amari_sakura) wrote in tenipuri_icons,
-Ämâpi- [余ぴ]

Wonderful Days - Forum

Hello fellow Tenipuri fans! I would like to invite you to join Wonderful Days, a place where you can share your views on Shin Tenipuri, or even the original series itself. You are also welcome to talk about other series as well! Here is your chance to mingle with others and make new friends from all over the world :D

Our forum is relatively new, but the more members and topics that we have, the livelier it will be! Just click on the banner to go to the forum. Looking forward to see you there! Let's create our wonderful days together~ ^o^

Cross-posted to other comms. Sorry if you see this post multiple times. Mods, let me know if I violated any rules.
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